Flex-on Stirrups

The history of Flex-on is primarily the story of how Laurent Bordes met his wife Caroline, an experienced rider.

The stirrup was created in early May 2011 during the La Baule competition. It resulted from pooling the skills of Laurent Bordes, director of Bordes, a specialist in railway and aerospace subcontracting, and those of his wife Caroline, an experienced CSO rider (gallop 7).

Noting that the equipment available to riders for eventing or jumping was considered "too conventional", the couple began to develop revolutionary shock-absorbing stirrups that are comfortable, accurate and solid. A few months later, Flex-on launched its product: the Flex-on stirrup, the only one on the market with a custom configuration.

Since then, this high-end product has won over Gerco Schröder, Clément Boulanger, Thomas Carlile, Marie Hécart, Marie Demonte and Olivier Robert, eventing or jumping (CSO) champions that have become Flex-on ambassadors.

Our motto is :
« Stirrups serving riders and horses »

Tricia Booker